All Around NYC People Feature: Maksim Grinberg

Meet Maksim Grinberg, New York City’s Beloved Friend and Philanthropist

Maksim Grinberg with New York City views

Maksim Grinberg is known far and wide for his philanthropic work and for always being there for not only his friends but for all people of the world. That is why Maksim Grinberg is our feature for All Around NYC. This is a person who deserves recognition for all of the good that he puts in the New York City community as well as around the world.

Maksim Grinberg on New York City streets

Join us as we get to know Maksim Grinberg and what he does all around NYC. Read more about him here:

For more on Maksim Grinberg, including his life and charitable giving, visit his website at This is also where you can contact him.