New York City Philanthropist Maksim Grinberg has not Forgotten about the Animals in Ukraine

Maksim Grinberg, a philanthropist and animal lover, has not forgotten about the animals in Ukraine. He has donated generously to help those in need in Ukraine through organizations like Save the Children and JDC, but his work does not stop there.

The Network for Animals is a non-government, international animal welfare organization that is working to rescue, feed, and evacuate animals from the war-torn country of Ukraine. Partnering with those on the ground, and rescuing cats and dogs are their top priority.

Many animals have been abandoned as people have fled for their lives. Others are street animals in urgent need of help as bombs tear up the cities and towns of Ukraine. Network for Animals is currently working round the clock to provide assistance to as many animals as possible.

Maksim Grinberg’s donation will go a long way in helping this organization to continue its life-saving work. Thanks to Maksim Grinberg, and others like him, the animals of Ukraine will not be forgotten.

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